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I know what I am.'He's wearing a suit and no make-up today; is that because he woke up in a blokey mood this morning? Like all straight transvestites, I know my military history. That just sits there for 20 years doing nothing, then one day decides to blow up. We would write letters to our MPs.'Laughter is always just below the surface with Izzard. He is quite subtle in the way he wears make-up, I suggest, but why are some men so obvious about it? Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.'I am in boy mode at the moment and have been for two or three years. I just have an extra girl bit, which is the heels and skirts and make-up.' Certainly, he is not effeminate and he doesn't want a sex-change operation. Just when you think he is taking you, and himself, seriously he will wrong-foot you. 'Like a bloke puts on make-up and heels and goes out looking for a fight.' Izzard won and the gang were fined. Is it that in applying make-up in a crude way they are trying to be caricatures of femininity? As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.His full, neatly quiffed hair is no longer dyed blond. Come to think of it, that must have been the moment when Blair acquired the habit of saying 'thingy'. ', his inadvertently recorded question to George Bush. On his podcast, for example, Izzard says to Blair: 'So it's a six-month rotating thingy, and this is the Council of Europe, not the European Council, yes? 'I would prefer a Labour government to a Conservative government any day. That is why he has made millions from DVD sales of his stand-up shows. They go to see him live, then want to chuckle over his rambling, surreal, improvised jokes and stories all over again when they get home. He is huge over there, bigger than he is in Britain.He seems more composed, less exuberant - though no less amiable. ' Blair: 'No, this is the European Council.' Izzard: 'And there is a Council of Europe and the European Council and they are different? I mean, why couldn't they call one Steve or something? ' It's a funny line, but it makes you wonder how a national figurehead, one who is admired and respected abroad, could have allowed himself to take part in such a frivolous and undignified exercise. And why is he the last Labour luvvie left standing? Tony told me that someone had sent him a letter two months after he got in, saying that they were disillusioned. That is why I still put money in, to try to help them out.'It's a dignified answer. He has also made it on Broadway, as well as Hollywood.Featuring a bit of stand-up, sharing personal photos, discussing his personal and professional life, reading from 'Believe Me' and answering questions from the audience, each show promises to be an intimate, unique experience.Eddie's autobiography, Believe Me, a memoir of love, death, and jazz chickens, is available today in hardcover, audio and Kindle editions.'And women who walk up to me in the street and say, "Don't wear that with that." When I first came out, I looked a mess. 'It's not luck that makes you a success, it is endless hours working out the best way to do things. I look like a guy, I'm not girlie, so I have to get this boy-girl military look with the frock coats. "' Nevertheless, he has had long-term girlfriends, although he prefers not to talk about them in public. I'm hard-working, but I'm also lazy, especially when it comes to writing down ideas for my stand-up routine. Let's just say I'm a hard-working lazy bastard.'When pressed, Izzard admits that he finds it difficult to fall in love. In love, I think, is a real bad f------ thing to be.

'Actually, I did see a therapist recently to talk about my mum dying, because I've never talked about that properly.Besides, it would confuse things because I like girls.'There is something that has always puzzled me about transvestites, I say. It is, after all, quite arbitrary historically that women ended up wearing them, not men. It's like, what would transvestites in caveman times wear? I do know that all foetuses start as girls and then some change into boys. The other six just aren't out there and waving.'There is also an early stage in gestation when we have scales, I note. As soon as they leave the house, they hoick up their skirts and put on more make-up.' As a straight transvestite, has he acquired his look through the advice of girlfriends? 'Yes, I tend to keep everything in, like my dad did when my mother died, keep everything going. No good at that.'But surely when you are famous - and famous for having a loveable comedy persona - all the hard work has already been done? I wouldn't even start flirting with them.' His assistant walks in to tell him it is time for his next appointment. In ancient Greece and Rome it was men who wore them. Why do transvestites talk about needing to wear them almost as a biological imperative? And the penis and the clitoris are essentially the same thing. 'Yeeeah,' he rolls the word out, fluffing up the vowels. They wouldn't get a project green-lit by being seen out with me … I do try to be open about everything else in my life.'Is he difficult to live with? Maybe I over-think things because I'm constantly planning in a military way how to keep clicking forward. Apropos of nothing, he says he wants to leave me with a final thought. 'Don't want a knighthood,' he says, raising an eloquent eyebrow. His mother, a midwife, died of cancer when he was six. Gandhi was ambitious.'I ask because there is a report today about how the going rate for a knighthood is £750,000. The more U-turns Labour makes, the more loyal he seems to become.

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Eddie Izzard was believed to be dating Sarah Louise Townsend for nearly four years.

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