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Validating web documents

Note that ARIA is an independent specification that's not specifically related to HTML5.Writing HTML is fine, but what if something goes wrong, and you can't work out where the error in the code is?For example, the following shows an error reported when trying to compile a simple program written in the Rust language.Here, the error message is relatively easy to understand — "unterminated double quote string".This article will introduce you to some tools that can help you find and fix errors in HTML.

However, error messages can quickly get more complicated and less easy to interpret as programs get bigger, and even simple cases can look a little intimidating to someone who doesn't know anything about Rust.

Different browsers use different rendering engines so tricks used to make HTML render as desired in one browser may not work in another browser or even in an earlier or later version of the same browser.

Fortunately, browsers today are driving toward standards compliance, and proprietary elements like "layer" and "ilayer" are being dropped.

Sending data is not enough — we also need to make sure that the data users fill out in forms is in the correct format that we need to process it successfully, and that it won't break our applications.

We also want to help our users to fill out our forms correctly and not get frustrated when trying to use our apps.

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attribute to turn off the browser's automatic validation; this lets our script take control over validation.

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