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Encara que les dates poden variar lleugerament d’un any a un altre, el curs acostuma a fer-se als voltants de Setmana Santa i durant els caps de setmana (divendres tarda-dissabte matí) dels mesos següents, fins a completar les 100 hores de teòrica.

There's a lot of variation from season to season, but the overall trend is clear: The melting season has been increasing about five days every decade since 1979.Wi Fi/surveillance balloons that are constantly circling the globe way up in the atmosphere.The information came via a report by Wired’s Steven Levy.Netgear describes the Nighthawk X6 as a "tri-band" router because it has three radios, but two of them operate on the 5GHz band and the third uses the 2.4GHz band. Oriol Romero-Isart and his colleagues have theoretically proposed and already tested this new device experimentally.A year ago, I was thinking tri-band routers would feature 2.4-, 5-, and 60GHz radios (the last of which would support 802.11ad networks). The field of possible applications is broad and includes spintronic and quantum computers among others.

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