Small town dating

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Small town dating

Here are just a few of the reasons I love being from a place that's population: 1,770. No one commits any crimes because if you did, chances are that someone you know will see you doing it.2. Because only 5 of those miles are actually in town.The rest are country roads with zero traffic and no cops to stop you from speeding. You got to experience city life and small-town living.Once, many years ago, an actual Dutch woman, from Rotterdam, moved to town with her American husband.She found the Dutchness of Orange City peculiar—the way that most people didn’t speak Dutch anymore but sprinkled their English with phrases that nobody had used in the Netherlands for a hundred years.Growing up in a small town in Illinois, I always saw myself living in New York City, where stores are open past 5 p.m. Now that I've finally made the move, I couldn't be happier with my choice.But growing up in a tiny town made me who I am and I wouldn't trade my small-town experience for the world. People don't lock their doors at night and kids are allowed to walk across town to a friend's house without supervision.

“There are stories about people who are too showy, who ended up ruined,” Dan Vermeer, who grew up in the town, says.

You can go days or weeks without talking, but you know they'll be there for you always. Living in a small town is kind of like having a family of 1,000 people.

Drifting apart doesn't happen when you've known each other for over 20 years. When something tragic happens, you feel the love from every single person, and when something great happens, you'll probably be in the newspaper.7.

“The Dutch are comfortable with prosperity, but not with pleasure.”The town was founded, in 1870, by immigrants from Holland looking for farmland, and until recently almost everyone who lived there was Dutch.

Many of the stores on Central Avenue still bear Dutch names: Bomgaars farm-supply store, Van Maanen’s Radio Shack, Van Rooyen Financial Group, De Jong Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Woudstra Meat Market.

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In the early part of the twentieth century, the question of how much Dutchness to retain caused a religious schism in the town: the American Reformed Church broke off from the First Reformed Church in order to conduct services in English.