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The research was based on the Millennium Cohort Study, which charts 9,000 families since the turn of the century.

Demos's Building Character report, paid for by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the survey showed how children of married parents are twice as likely to be among the 20 per cent who do best at school.

The plea would have meant she could go out only to attend school or go to work.

No grocery store trips unless previously scheduled and greenlighted, and she would have been subject to lie detector tests, sex offender evaluations and other checks on her freedom.

It said 'disengaged' parents are more likely among low income groups, leaving their children exposed to poor pre-natal conditions, bad parenting and the impact of poverty.

Authors Jen Lexmond and Richard Reeves identified three qualities of character that are most important for a child's development.

The Demos research found that the children of mothers who take drugs, drink heavily, suffer depression or who come from violent homes are particularly vulnerable to parental influence.

The study, which was commissioned by the Government's equality watchdog, said the parents of children who do badly are 'disengaged' and lacking application, self-discipline and sensitivity to their families.

On Friday, Kaitlyn Hunt turned down a plea deal that would have sentenced her to two years of house arrest in exchange for admitting to two counts of felony child abuse.But that’s exactly the predicament Kaitlyn Hunt, a high school senior from Sebastian, Fla., finds herself in. 16 for dating her girlfriend, who was 14 when the alleged crime was committed.She’s charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a victim aged 12 to 16 by a person over the age of 18, a second-degree felony that carries a possible prison term of 15 years per count.Demos said the real cause of the performance of children was the attiabilitytude of a parent.'Due to pre-natal conditions (consumption of drugs or alcohol, depression, or if the mother is in a high stress or violent environment) some infants are predisposed to being particularly vulnerable to both good and bad parental influence,' its report said.

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