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It was so funny that the whole exchange went viral.Mom started out simply asking for who she thought was her daughter to pick up milk.A weird way to find out mom is a lesbian is to receive a text from her that she thought she sent to a friend.That's how one child found her mom was embarking on an adventure with the same sex.

That’s when he told her he was going to the Internet with the whole conversation.

Parents are still sexual beings, but if they don't want to share that part of themselves with their kids, then they should be extra careful when putting in numbers and sending texts.

If they do want to let their kids know that changes are happening and they are meaningful enough to warrant a conversation, then a conversation should be had.

Parents and kids even text each other instead of speaking directly, which is pulling even older generations into the digital age.

There are a ton of reasons that texting is simpler than lengthy phone calls, but there are also some downsides to depending on texts for everything.

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"I couldn't imagine going out with someone else. It's like missing a family member."Lead singer Anthony Kiedis was less concerned about their ability to carry on without Frusciante. "Flea's biggest concern, that he shared with me, was that he didn't want to continue if it wasn't as good as it had ever been, at it's best: ' We've accomplished too much to do anything half-assed."Thirty-one year old guitarist Josh Klinghoffer - a close friend of Frusciante who played with the Chili's on their 2007 world tour - quietly joined the band in late 2009 and began writing songs with the group.

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