Football players and dating

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Through all these years of evolution women are still wired to want to be with a man that looks like he can do a number of things.

It’s very well documented in history that a little trim on the side was a reward for winning battles, whether it was given to them or forcibly taken the biggest and baddest men in the village always had the pick of the best women.

Produce strong children, provide for a family, and protect the family from danger.

When a dude blindsides a Quarterback and that poor QB is laying on the turf, if there are 15,000 women in that stadium 14,997 of those Women get a little sensation in her Vickies.

So now imagine you’re a young college aged co ed named, Ashley.

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Women are real thick now adays, I know she wont tell you but you’re girl that probably goes to the gym twice a week and walks to work probably weighs 155 lbs.

Its not a good look when you’re 6 ft 9 and you weigh 185 lbs. The game of football is also extremely violent, and low key, Women love that shit.

Though the scales may be tipped further in certain aspects we mostly all live under the same rules and regulations of being black in today’s world. I know what all you Ashleys are thinking right now, I played volleyball in high school and I went to law school I know about pressure…. Sorry I love watching women’s sports and I know that you are all very driven and competitive but its not the same.

When you first decide to play football as a kid one thing you’ll quickly realize is you’re not good enough.

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This criteria makes men that participated in sports at a high level very attractive to women.

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